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January 22, 2020 Leave a comment

I decided that I’d from this year, stop the iMovie tradition as the first post of the year. I might actually stop advertising badges altogether. I’m grateful that Pearl Kreations will be 12 years in a few days, and a big girl lol. So, I’ll leave her to handle herself, while I move unto “bigger” things. I’ve learnt I have a unique perceptive, and I’d like to, more than before, share my opinion on a number of issues with the world, and also offer some business advice based on my decade of experience.

Without further ado, I’d like to start this new year and new phase of my life addressing something a lot of business people take for granted when starting out; and it’s costing them

Many entrepreneurs, the world over, have burned out, or simply gave up right before their bright ideas could reach their full potential, because they thought they could do it all on their own. Human beings are social creatures; we’re not built for isolation. You can’t succeed on your own. You need, at least, one person in your corner.

As an entrepreneur, you need a support system – people who can and will encourage you, people you can draw strength from, people whose faith in you keeps you going. This support system can be your family, friend(s), mentor(s), partner(s), spouse, team, or all of the above.

A team, for example, is unique. It could be made up of family and/or friends. A lot of entrepreneurs are very reluctant to bring people on board, because they could be swindled by them, or become problematic/more trouble than they’re worth.

While those are possible scenarios and very valid reasons, that’s why the kind of people you pick is necessary. Notice I said “you pick”, that’s because you do the picking, not the other way around. Go for people who share your drive, passion, and most importantly, your vision.

Once you have like minds working with you, progress is effortless. You’ll have people who you can bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with; who can do certain things better and push you to be better; people ready to go the distance with you.

Don’t start 2020 solo; start 2020 with some support.

Happy New Year!