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all smiles

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment

In 2010, Pearl Kreations released a collection of smileys called The Moods.¬†The collection of smileys was inspired by the Western world (Americas and Europe) emoticons which lay emphasis on the mouth. For example, ūüėȬ†and =D. They are typical created¬†using an¬†equals to¬†sign or a colon for eyes, a dash for the nose and one (1) or two (2) other characters/symbols for the mouth.¬†Anyone who uses any form of instant messaging (IM) like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) or Whatsapp would know exactly what I’m talking about.¬†The¬†collection featured eight (8) different emoticons:

Left-Right and Top-Bottom = devil/meany face (>=)),¬†angry/frowny face (X-(), geek/nerdy face (ūüėé), excited/laughing face (ūüėÄ),¬†happy/smiley face (ūüôā), smooch/kissy face (:-*), wasted/stoned face (:-O) and the infamous flirt/winky face (ūüėČ).

Today, Pearl Kreations is introducing the new smiley collection called The Anime. This collection of smileys is inspired the Eastern Asian emoticons. Unlike the Western/American style emoticons which lay emphasis on the mouth, these focus on the expression of the eyes. They are typical created using an underscore a mouth with two (2) other characters/symbols for eyes. This collection also features eight (8) different emoticons:

Left-Right and Top-Bottom = purple (O_o) which represents being confused/sarcastic (a raised eyebrow), yellow (^_^) which represents being cheerful/elated, green (-__-) which represents being exhausted/perplexed (a sigh), blue (O_O) which represents being shocked/surprised (a widened gaze), pink (*_*) which represents being bashful/shy, white (+_+) which represents being angry/furious, orange (^_0) which represents being flirty/teasing (a wink), and red (X_X) which represents being dead/in trouble.

I hope this new collection sells as well as its predecessor!


new craze

January 10, 2009 2 comments

I traveled back home to Nigeria for the Christmas holidays in 2008 as a surprise to my family and friends. And what a surprise it was especially for sisters and close friends. Everyone told me how proud of me they were, prayed for me and encouraged me. I was so happy.

My youngest sister told me the demand for the buttons in her university was ridiculous. I didn’t know what she meant until when she took about 50 different All-Me buttons to her school on the Saturday she resumed and sold them all (plus some of hers) by Sunday! I was dazed! I got a lot more for her and they sold out too. A very close friend of mine also took some football club buttons to a Manchester United/Chelsea Football Match TV Spot, and the buttons got sold out!

More students at Covenant University placed orders before I left. I was excited until I got back to Canada and it was time to work on them and have all the orders sorted out. There were so many of them, it took over week to get them ready! Because of the great response, before I left Nigeria, I set up a bank account the company so customers could easily pay after they placing orders and receiving their e-bills. It all works out so well because the bank I opened the account with is so efficient that emails/SMS notifications are automatically sent once the account is credited or debited. Pearl Creations has sure a strong presence a few Nigerian colleges/universities that we make constant deliveries to Nigeria every month!

We’e picking up steam, and not just in Nigeria, even some small local businesses are on our delivery list because of our new innovations. We’re introducing some new colorful buttons with campaigns to go along with them!

–¬†The Smiley Invasion: ¬†They are yellow, have ‘feelings’ & ’emotions’ and aren’t afraid to express themselves! ¬†No matter what expression you want/need or cant express, we’ve got you covered!

– Loonies & Toonies:¬†It’s no good leaving the kiddies and cartoon lovers out of the ‘button craze’…it’s just not fair!¬†Get your favorite cartoon character(s) on a button today. There are hundreds to choose from.¬†


РFrames: They are the new buttons under the All-Me Buttons line. They are buttons that will have photos on them with or without a few wordings.
– The Supers:¬†It’s funny how many super heroes have gone from imagination to comic books to action figures to movies. Now, Pearl Creations has the new trend – buttoned heroes!
We have Batman, Spider Man, We have Superman, Wolverine and more.

Last year, we were skeptical about introducing a different button size, especially since the 1-inch buttons carry pretty much anything, and a reasonable number of words. However, when we got a contract from the University of Lagos’ Engineering Faculty and the order was for large buttons, things changed.¬†The last innovation is size.

As seen above, we have 2 new sizes – 1.25-inches and 1.5-inches. They are almost twice the size of the 1.0-inch button. This obviously means a little more space for wordings, pictures and designs – giving bolder presentations. What’s more? Unlike other companies, they also cost the same as the 1.0-inch buttons! The only catch is, for the larger sizes, a minimum of 30 buttons has to be ordered per design.
Our innovations have made us aggressive. Presently, we working on contracts with a few banks, and it’s looking good.

Buttons are the new black lol!