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inspitories xvii: lr

September 18, 2016 Leave a comment

Inspitories is my made up word for inspirational stories on young people I find interesting. They are usually interviews of other entrepreneurs, like myself, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, stumbled upon online, or dug up that motivate me. Enjoy and get inspired!

For most of middle school, I had a best friend. We were almost inseparable. For a while, both teachers and strangers alike thought we were twin brothers. After correcting numerous people countless times, we started claiming to be! I think that led him to coin Twin Raiders, which became a clique of four friends, with code names: Syber, Vesta, TJ, and Kere – Seyi, Sylvester, Tunji (his late cousin), and Samson respectively. Like most Sylvesters, my nickname evolved into Sly. His, however, stuck all through high school; still is even.

Though no longer best friends, we’ve have managed to keep in touch and remain friends for about twenty years now. We, however, still have a few things in common – penchant for watches, one sister, got just our moms now, movies/TV addiction – he’s probably the only person I know who watches more movies and TV shows than I do, and I watch over twenty every week lol; and surprise, surprise, business.

Seyi is a master salesman. He could probably sell beef to a cow. He started off selling watches while in college, and this year, I noticed he’d started car sales – he identified a niche (which he shared with me), and now, he’s not just selling them, he can’t hold on to them long enough!

I admire his drive and entrepreneurial spirit so much. When I thought of setting up shop in Nigeria, he’s one of the few people I met with to educate me on the terrain. Through his help, I opened up a store for Pearl Kreations. No regrets. If like most people, you’re wondering how he’s getting by on watches [and cars] sales, trust me, he does fine! It’s my pleasure to profile the street-smart and tenacious Syber.


Seyi Labinjo
Managing Director & Chief Marketing Officer
Labson Renmax Company

Birth Name
Seyi Hafiz Labinjo

30 (as of 2016)


Art/Business Name
Labson Renmax Company

Business Profile

Labson Renmax Company is the parent company of LR Watches and LR Autos, which provide high-end timepieces, and new as well as certified pre-owned automobiles respectively, at affordable rates backed with great after sales service.

I started this
Small scale in August 2008 selling entry-level wristwatches to university students.

I’m driven by
My passion, from the onset, to provide products and services with the customers’ satisfaction being key.

Past Works/Portfolio

  • Merchant on
  • Sales Analyst/Moderator on (Autos Section)
  • Official Timepiece Stockist on

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