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November 25, 2013 2 comments

“Whatever your mind can conceive, your hands can achieve; you cannot be faster than your vision” – Unknown.

I think that quote means is whatever your mind can see, your eyes will see; all you need to do is put your God-given creative power/imagination to work.

You need to see your business and make it tangible in your mind. You need foresight. Put quite simply, in my own terms, it is the ability to accurately plan for/see into your future. Foresight is a very special gift I possess. I am blessed to have been born with it, but I also believe it can be learnt with practice. I know this because I helped a friend with the direction of her company about a year ago. I encouraged her to constantly visualize her future company – think up its services, construct its mission, values and vision, and design its logo(s). She listened and she’s grateful today. I’ll share my story now…

One night two years ago, I got obsessed with designing the corporate headquarters of The SKA Group Inc. I already started the ground in my head. For example, I’ve known it will be called SKA Tower, and it will be located in Burlington, Ontario or Ibadan, Nigeria. What I didn’t have was the design.That very night, I decided no more slacking. I pulled out my little black book, sat down for four hours, and I put my mind to work designing the future SKA Towers. I started with the aerial view because I wanted to design the replicate the logo (SKA) as closely as possible. I think I spent about three hours on that alone. Several rough sheets later, I finally worked atria into the design to get the desired look. I neatly redesigned the aerial view, and spent another hour working on the front elevation. This is what I came up with:

As you may see, the atria tower from the lobby/main floor to the roof top. They will have flower gardens and pine trees. I also arranged the building such that each wing would house a subsidiary, put abbreviations so I remember – A Wing for The Pearl Academy, B Wing for Pearl Cafes, C Wing for Pearl Kreations, D Wing for RansRive Realtors, E Wing for SKA Ventures, F Wing for the reception/main lobby (with a high ceiling all the way to the top of the building), G Wing for the group (offices of the board members and senior executives), H Wing for Suave Clothing, I Wing for Sylver Productions, and J Wing for Vecasyer Hotels & Towers.

Earlier this month, I decided to have the designs made on a larger scale, and also work on the left side, right side and rear elevations. I was completely exhausted when I was done and slept off. The next morning, I looked over the designs and emailed them to a brilliant architect friend, Nelson W*. I asked him to construct a three-dimensional design based on the plans. A few days later, just to make sure he was on the right track, he sent me this sketch of the aerial view:

Aerial View

Aerial View

I thought it was pretty good.

I asked him to continue, and this is the end result.

L - R: Front Elevation, Rear Elevation, Left Side Elevation and Right Side Elevation

L – R: Front Elevation, Rear Elevation, Left Side Elevation and Right Side Elevation

As you may see, externally, SKA Tower’s appearance consists of concrete, glass and wood. Structurally, it consists of ten (10) wings, seven (7) atria and five (5) floors. Each wing, as I earlier stated, will be dedicated to one subsidiary, the main lobby and the group. The only difference is the new allotments due to the name changes – A Wing for Café Euphorie, B Wing for Herança Financial, C Wing for Pearl Kreations, D Wing for Prestige Academy, E Wing for Ransrive Realtors, F Wing remains for the reception/main lobby, G Wing remains for the group, H Wing for Suave Clothing, I Wing for Sylver Productions, and J Wing for Vecasyer Hotels & Towers. Each wing will consist of five (5) floors for each department – Administration, Customer Service, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Management. Administration will deal with the accounting, clerical support and documentation of the day-to-day operations, Customer Service will deal with consumer support, complaints and inquiries,  Human Resources will deal with employee relations, marketing, payroll, reward programs and regulation compliance, Information Technology will deal with intranet operations, site maintenance, social media management and technical support, and Management will deal with the coordination of  operations and the supervision of all departments.

I hope this challenges you. Remember, whatever your mind can conceive, your hands can achieve. Put your brain to work!