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imovie 2019

January 28, 2019 Leave a comment

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone well.

Pearl Kreations is 11 years old today. I thank God for sustaining the company and my adventure as Mr. Buttons thus far lol. Sometimes, I can’t believe how long it’s been!

Well, as has been the tradition for some years now, we will be rolling out some cool buttons in line with some of the blockbusters coming out this year.

Once again, Marvel takes the cake for the most buttons – a whooping 9 out of 11 buttons.In chronological order, we have:

  • Captain Marvel buttons and SHIELD buttons for Captain Marvel – out March 8th
  • Shazam buttons for Shazam! – out April 5th
  • BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) buttons for Hellboy – out April 12th
  • Avengers buttons, Iron Man buttons, Captain America buttons, Ant Man buttons, Mjöllnir buttons, and Spider Man buttons for Avengers: Endgame – out April 26th
  • XMen buttons for Dark Phoenix – out June 7th
  • Spider Man buttons also for Spider Man: Far From Home – out July 15th

Since they’re almost entirely Marvel-based, there will be just one collection this year – The Fantasy XIX Collection – with all eleven (11) buttons.

You can order the collection via our Online Shop and Store, or order individual buttons (only via our Online Shop). We’re also working on a Store; we’ll have updates on our progress with that on our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Fantasy XIX Collection will be available from Monday, February 18th.

The promo video is ready, so please watch and share.

Get set to button up with us 2019-style! 😀

giving back

April 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Pearl Creations was contacted early February to supply buttons to a McMaster University Group organizing a show to raise money for a cause. They needed to advertise the event through cool buttons and so I was contacted.During the first meeting with the Organizers, I told them this would be All-Me Buttons order which means they will be $2.50/pin. They wanted 100 pins and asked for a discount. Since it was 100 units, they had a choice of 1.0-inch, 1.25-inch or 1.5-inches. I showed them a few samples and they wanted the 1.0-inch buttons.I offered the students’ discount of $1.50/pin, but then after some deliberation, I had a rethink. These were students trying to raise money for The Invisible Children. I checked the website and I realized, this wasn’t a business matter, I was offering a service so I made a compromise that was still in Pearl Creations’ interest (of course), my conscience’s interest and the interest of the organizing body. I offered a undisclosed discount which was duly much appreciated. Payment was made soon after and the buttons provided. The buttons are for an event tagged “A Peace Of Chic”. It is a fashion show scheduled for Saturday, March 14th, 2009. It promises to be a blast!

Remember Amal A * and her noble act: The Um-Aisha Orphanage? Well, we hooked up again for a Partnership recently and…actually, first let’s rewind – After Afrofest, we got talking about what she does, how she started and why. Hmmm, now, that I think of it, I didnt get one of the cool bracelets she was selling to raise money for the welfare of the kids. They were pretty neat too.Anyway, she asked if she could place an order sometime for buttons…She already had a couple of designs in her head that she just had to put on paper or PC as it were. Unfortunately, because I was a MASA Executive, I had to help with the clearing up, disassembling of the stage and all. So after rubbing minds for a few minutes, all we walked away with were first names and mobile phone numbers. Calling was going to be a little hassle cuz she attends the University of Waterloo in Waterloo ON, but lives in Mississauga (I think); and I’m in McMaster University, Hamilton ON and live there too…so it would have to be long distance calls either way because we would always be in two different cities.

We were supposed to meet the next day- Sunday, to talk a little more about the buttons to create awareness on the Orphanage, but I was so exhausted after clearing up, running errands and dropping people off that I woke up at about 1:15pm. Well, partly cuz I fell asleep at about 6:30am. By the time, we (Executives and Planning Committee Members) finished our final errands, it was evening time…and I guessed she would have been well on her way back to Waterloo by then. A few days after, I tried finding her on Facebook, but to no avail.
She found me when she saw the Mr. Buttons fan page Ad on Facebook and wrote me! That’s how we got reunited by the Power of Networking lol. After exchanging some pleasantries, we go to talk more and make plans. She also sent me a picture of some of the children:
I think they’re just adorable. Anyway, she also explained what she expected the design to be: an outline of the map of Africa with the Tanzanian Orphanage Awareness written across with in the Tanzanian flag colors: blue, yellow and green.
In these matters like this, I think up a design and sketch it; and then send the sketch to Alice with instructions on how it should be colored, arranged & the fonts to be used. She then creates the proofs.
She is usually involved with the designing whenever I’m bombarded. Anytime, I cant handle a project alone and have no time to design, she gets right on it with/for me. or example, I’m focused on my finals for the session!
In case you’re wondering, Alice C* is my Business Partner/Associate in the United Kingdom. I mentioned her in my first interview with The Hamilton Spectator. She also runs her own Company and has slightly similar concepts as mine! How weird is that!?
From my imagination and Amal’s description, Alice came up with this:
If we finally settled on this and I’ve given her a great deal. One in the league of that of the Invisible Children (if you read this regularly, you know what I mean). What ever the case, I hope in our little way, Pearl Creations helps these kids a great deal! You can also help the Um-Aisha Orphanage and support Amal by joining the “Save The Orphans of Tanzania” page of Facebook via link. Find out how you can help and spread the word!
Be a giver.

biz + privs

February 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Over the past year of running Pearl Creations, I have discovered to keep to time and separate business from pleasure…well, in this case, from my personal life! I discovered I wasn’t getting enough sleep ‘cuz I was working round the clock! I come back from school, check the company’s email, respond and get the buttons designed. I have dinner and then I study an average of 3 hours ending at about 4:00am/5:00am. Before retiring to bed, I check Facebook messages and emails again; and if they are more, I reply them! I sleep 5:30-ish and I have to be up at 8:30am every morning.

I realized this was because I didn’t set a time frame for myself and so I did. I started by updating the website over one weekend, added new pages, changed fonts, colors, designs…and made it super cool. I was so impressed if I may say so myself. Anyway, I set a business time frame set of Mondays – Saturday from 8:00am EST to 8:00pm EST. Now, weekdays, I design all the orders for the week only. On Saturdays, I handle the production and payments only. In other words, orders received on Saturdays will be arranged in order of arrival and designed for the following week/business day. Sundays, I have the day off.

Next, I realized people sending emails to would address it to Olusola, Sylvester or Sly…which I appreciated, but unfortunately, it is a business email which could be checked by me (presently) or any one of the Buttoners (nearest future). I also believe replying people casually will eventually cause unnecessary familiarity which in turn will make it difficult for them to take the business or costs seriously. It was also making me not business-minded. I decided to reply formally as long as the email is to Pearl Creations. I also added a signature: “customer service” and according to the email, there was the appropriate department. For example, normal emails were from the relations & products management department. Payments from the billing and finance department etc. Emails that needed my personal reply should be replied semi-formally as Sylvester.

Now everything’s just peachy and well balanced. I get enough rest, enough work (buttons and school) done. I’m Mr. Buttons, the businessman when it’s time for work – replying company emails, taking orders and making buttons. And then, the student, Sylvester, at school. I alternate between normal and business modes as the situations may require…like I have sort of an alter-ego lol.

Even when I’m met physically (in person), I don’t compromise business…if it is about business, of course. Some people who place orders with me physically don’t like the serious attitude, and occasionally interpret it as being rude; to those people, my apologies, but that’s just the proper thing to do! As I was advised by my dad, “‘Business should be separated from personal life/pleasures.” I guess the same can be applied to email addresses 😛

are you?

October 20, 2008 Leave a comment

Shortly after my moment of fame being in the local newspaper and all, I started putting buttons on my hoodies, t-shirts and later, on my School bag. I started with only the National Buttons. I put Nigeria, Canada and flags of countries whose nationals were quite a lot in Hamilton. For example, China, Italy, Kenya, Scotland, Somalia and Sudan.

One day, on my way to school, I boarded a bus and sat down. Since I hardly take my school bad off, the man behind trying to get my attention snapped my bag. I turned around and then he asked me if I was a Nigerian. Puzzled, I said yes and then he smiled. He said the reason he asked was cuz of the Nigeria button on my bag and then I smiled. He asked where I got it. And of course, i told him I made them. He asked how much I sold them. i told him $2.00CAD for the flag buttons. He asked if I had I think 5 or so. As God would have it, I did! Well, I did…including the one on my hoodie and bag respectively. I gave them to him and gave me $10.00CAD. He told me his name and said he was from the Niger-Delta Region; and I told him I was from Lagos. We shook hands and I had to bolt off to School. Because of that day, they’re still on my school bag still date along with some All-Me Buttons which attracts teenagers.

Another day, I sent to my bank to cash a cheque. When I got to the counter, I reached into my bag to get the cheque when the lady at the counter asked if I was Mr. Buttons. I was surprised and I said yes. And she was like wow! Great idea and then told the remaining tellers about me, the buttons and reminder them about the newspaper article. I was so shy and honored lol. Sadly, I didn’t have Switzerland buttons so no sales. I made Switzerland buttons after that, but I haven’t seen the lady since then. And now, even if I did, I wouldn’t recognize her 😦

As business progressed, I got another bag, a black Messenger bag, to use for carrying packages for delivery. 

In the beginning, I had just one or two buttons, but now, it’s packed with so many buttons, it’s ridiculous. I call it my Buttoned Messenger Bag.

Anyway, so I’m on the bus to school and some guy, a student as well, asks if me all the buttons on my bag are countries I have been to, I laughed and said no. He asked what countries they were and I told him. Then he gave me a free one that was like 2 inches. It said something about anti-racism, but it was cool. He didn’t know who I was, but said he would be calling me ‘Mr.Buttons’. What a coincidence! lol!

right on the button

June 15, 2008 Leave a comment

My very first interview! I edited a few things. For example, that is not the photo that was used in the article. I couldn’t get the actual photo. The rest of the story/interview is as it appeared in the newspapers on Thursday, May 15, 2008 by Suzanne Bourret of the Hamilton Spectator.

His name is Olusola Adade. His business is buttons. Not just any old buttons, his have a noble mission. They bear the national flags of different countries to promote multiculturalism. And they are an avenue to show support for war-torn countries.

Olusola, 20, is a McMaster University student who hopes to go back to his native Nigeria to serve as a doctor. Since he launched his button business in late January, he’s become known as Mr. Buttons.”It gives people from different countries the opportunity to be ambassadors, proudly representing and celebrating their countries on a daily basis wherever they are,” says Olusola, who came to Canada two years ago.

A year before, a close friend talked about a Nigerian button for their country’s independence day. Olusola suggested they make them for every country, but the means to make them was not possible in Nigeria, he says. This past year he remembered their idea, did research and contacted his Nigerian friend. But he had lost interest. So Olusola decided to do it himself. He started by making a group of buttons on Facebook, but the flag idea didn’t really fly with the younger set. Many who responded asked for personalized buttons.

Shortly after, the All-Me Buttons were born. They are custom-made, created to individual taste and specifications. Now he sells both kinds. And at a toonie for the national flags and $2.50 for the All-Me, the one-inch buttons are definitely affordable. He keeps the price low to give everyone the opportunity to be patriotic in a simple way.

In just a few short weeks, loads of people ordered them, says Olusola. It became difficult to balance the buttons’ production with his health studies and psychology course, and with “old school” equipment, he says. So he traded it off on eBay to find someone who could make them at a discount until he can save up to buy better software and up-to-date equipment. Alice from the U.K. surfaced and they have been a team since March.

Now he sells both personalized and national flag buttons at events, such as last week’s Tiara Festival. He’s also seeking interest from different ethnic groups.”My initial idea was to provide the buttons to all the different embassies all over the world so they can give them out to their nationals, especially on occasions such as independence and flag days. I will definitely get there soon by God’s grace.

He finds it amusing that a lot of people wanted to invest. “That is funny especially since I can’t give dividends and I’m not ready for a hostile takeover just yet!” For more information, go to or e-mail Olusola at

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