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June 7, 2019 Leave a comment

Sometimes, I think about the concept of friendship. I think good friends are one of life’s biggest treasures. It is deep, and not only is it an honor to be considered a friend, it’s a grave responsibility. I, for one, have a small circle of people I call friends;mostly because I’m an introvert, but also because I’m particular about who I let into my life.I hold my friends dear, and likewise. I’d do almost anything for them, and time and time again, they’ve shown up for me also. I trust them, and I like to think they trust me too. Those are my friends.

Are there people that consider me a friend? Yes, and I respect that privilege by being courteous, helpful and supportive to them [when required], but I wouldn’t necessarily request anything of them.

Be guided who you refer to as a friend. Most of the people who send requests on Facebook and/or follow you on Instagram/Twitter are simply acquaintances, colleagues, fans, and former classmates. You don’t have to make them more than.

That doesn’t make them less deserving of a cordial relationship; just be mindful those you’re spending your time/life on. I believe friendships impact destiny. Simple minds gossip, average minds talk, great minds discuss. Who are you rubbing minds with? Who, really, are your friends?

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