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June 7, 2019 Leave a comment

Sometimes, I think about the concept of friendship. I think good friends are one of life’s biggest treasures. It is deep, and not only is it an honor to be considered a friend, it’s a grave responsibility. I, for one, have a small circle of people I call friends;mostly because I’m an introvert, but also because I’m particular about who I let into my life.I hold my friends dear, and likewise. I’d do almost anything for them, and time and time again, they’ve shown up for me also. I trust them, and I like to think they trust me too. Those are my friends.

Are there people that consider me a friend? Yes, and I respect that privilege by being courteous, helpful and supportive to them [when required], but I wouldn’t necessarily request anything of them.

Be guided who you refer to as a friend. Most of the people who send requests on Facebook and/or follow you on Instagram/Twitter are simply acquaintances, colleagues, fans, and former classmates. You don’t have to make them more than.

That doesn’t make them less deserving of a cordial relationship; just be mindful those you’re spending your time/life on. I believe friendships impact destiny. Simple minds gossip, average minds talk, great minds discuss. Who are you rubbing minds with? Who, really, are your friends?

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June 12, 2015 Leave a comment

Next on the pre-business list is Cash. It is the blood of the business; hence, essential to its survival.


Cash refers to the money coming in (revenue) and the money going out (expenses). To be successful, your expenses should never be consistently more than your income; luckily, this is actually manageable as it is pretty easy to determine and control [to an extent] your expenses as they would most likely be recurring (fixed/overhead costs or operational expenses) – utility bills, rent, salaries/wages, new inventory, and so on.

You don’t necessarily need money to start, but to grow and expand, you need money. Money can come from family, friends, grants, angel investors, partnerships, bank loans, or venture capital. If you’re seeking investment, you should seek in that order.

Before seeking investments and venturing into business, you need to, first, be disciplined with your personal finances. If, for example, you’re a spendthrift, and you don’t get your spending under control, you will bring that weakness into your business; before you know it you’re taking funds from your business is offset personal debts, and it’s a slippery slope from there.

Disciplined people work with budgets, so if prudence is a challenge for you, or you’re prone to it, you need to create a budget. A budget is simply creating a balance between your income and expenses, so you don’t spend more than you earn. A good budget has income portioned primarily into bills (phone, internet, power, water, heat and so on), groceries, savings, transport fare/fuel for vehicle and/or generator (gas/diesel), clothing, and miscellaneous (birthday cards, gifts, medical emergencies, repairs and so on). Everything has to be properly planned such that there are no constraints.

Beware, it is one thing to have a budget, and quite another to follow it. The true discipline is sticking to it long-term, and adjusting it as you see fit as income increases/decreases or responsibilities increase/decrease.

As soon as you’ve mastered making and following a budget, you can apply the principle to your business. However, this time, the budget will be called an Income Statement. Remember to ensure your expenses don’t surpass revenue too often, or it will be RIP business venture. Once you can maintain cash flow and steadily increase revenue, while keeping expenses low, you’ve begone to make a profit. You make enough profit, you can start repaying loans, and reinvesting into the venture. Now, you’re in business!