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Every time I met up with Collins after I moved back circa 2014, he would say “Sylvester, we have to start a business together” and I’d simply smile. We are both entrepreneurs. At the time, I was running Pearl Kreations and Herança Financial, and he had recently launched Diet234. We were both pretty busy; plus I had lots of business ideas I came to Nigeria to explore, launch and run; didn’t think I had room for one more.

Eventually, he cornered me at home one evening for an impromptu brainstorming session. We centered the venture around something he excels greatly at – networking. Dude is a social butterfly. We called it “The Colnet” – connecting people to business opportunities and business partners. I can’t remember why it never really took off. It was either because we couldn’t make a business case for it, or there wasn’t a market for that service at the time, or coupled with our individual business interests, we couldn’t find the time to put in the extensive work required to get the ball rolling. Anyway, eventually, it was back to the drawing board [for a while].

However, after taking a number of business meetings with “professionals”, having loads of conversations with business owners and attending a few networking events, I realized something was desperately lacking. At the same time, during his brief stint in the job market, he had also noticed a huge problem; one he believed we could solve. We met up again in 2017. This time to discuss our ideas. As we swapped stories, we realized we had separately come to the realization that most of [Corporate] Nigeria had a huge problem it was ignorant about. We have clueless business owners, inexperienced undergraduates, unemployable graduates, and unprofessional professionals. There is a huge knowledge gap in Corporate Nigeria.

We had successfully identified a problem we equally resonated with; and now, we were going to solve it. The solution was simple. In order to improve Corporate Nigeria, we need to work on the center of every enterprise – its people. We had to make them better. We had a new mission, and thus, a new business venture – one we’d start in Nigeria and export to the rest of Africa.

We set up Centerprise, a personal development agency with the sole aim of ending the mediocrity in business and upgrading professionalism in Africa. Over the next two years, we registered the business, and worked on the creating the perfect myriad of services, developing strategic partnerships and getting the word out. Our strategy was to work from the ground up – connecting undergraduates/recent graduates with relevant internships to gain valuable professional experience, developing/optimizing resumes and offering interview/job preparation services to undergraduates/job seekers, providing bankable business plans to budding entrepreneurs, and most importantly, training graduates/employees [using our uniquely-designed courses covering different aspects of decorum and professionalism] in order to impact proper business etiquette. We believe personal growth must be intentional, and we are determined to cause a positive shift in mannerisms and mentality.

We officially launched Centerprise Global Resources Limited (RC1461556) or The Centerprise Company (Centerprise, for short) as the premier personal development agency in Nigeria committed to making people (9to5ers and entrepreneurs) better through the provision of our four carefully crafted services – BusinessBank, CoachPro, InTemps, and ResumeClinic. We see The Bigger Picture. We believe better people equals better service, better service equals better results, better results equals better business. Hence, better business is made by better people and we exist to make better people/people better.

We had built enough momentum just before the pandemic hit and the lock down was instituted, so we had to shutdown. We planned to restart in Q4 2020, but as responsible youth, we had to join/support the #EndSARS movement, and subsequently mourn our brothers and sisters massacred at Lekki.

We are ready to restart; ready to make the Nigerian youth employable and world-class.

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Inspitories is my made up word for inspirational stories on young people I find interesting. They are usually interviews of other Entrepreneurs like myself whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, stumbled upon online or dug up that motivate me. Enjoy and get inspired!

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. I’ve known this young man for over ten years, and he’s always been quite enterprising. Interestingly, this classmate-turned-close friend has a story quite similar to mine – he’s an FGCL alumnus, ex-medical school student and serial entrepreneur. The only different is he’s just a little bit taller than me lol. On a serious note, he’s quite ambitious, business-minded, intelligent, and constantly improving himself by learning a new skill. He’s quite charismatic and very passionate about health and fitness, and that sparked his newest venture.

Collins Akanno Founder & Chief Nutrition Officer

Collins Akanno
Founder & Chief Nutrition Officer

Birth Name

Collins Chimezie Akanno


27 (as of 2014)


Entrepreneurship, Social Intelligence & Networking, Nutritional Counselling & Education, Project Management, and Creative Thinking.

Art/Business Name

Business Profile

Diet234 is a resource for healthy nutrition, information and inspiration – making healthy eating your way of life. We offer nutrition/dietary care services to individuals and corporate bodies, especially the vulnerable groups.

I started this

In August 2014, and so far, we have had a steadily growing online viewership on our blog and broadcast posts/feeds. We have also had the opportunity of speaking at quite a number of seminars and networking events to educate people on health and nutrition. Our clientele for nutrition care plans has been progressive since the launch of this service.

I’m driven by

God, Family, Creativity and Guts.

Past Works/Portfolio

• Nutrition screening & survey of preschool children and administration of Vitamin A supplements in Surulere LGA (Lagos, Nigeria).

Nutritional Screening

• Branding Consultant and Business Development Assistant for (Online grocery store in Lagos, Nigeria).

• Nutrition Expert and Healthcare Consultant for Vikram Hospital Bangalore, India (Medical partners to Kanu Heart Foundation and OJB Foundation).

• Social Media consultant for the Nigerian author of International repute – Ifeoma Theodore Jnr., author of “Trapped In Oblivion” and “My Daughters and I”.

Contact me

facebook: Diet234
telephone: +234-701-704-6776 l +234-803-323-2216
twitter: @Diet_234