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epic service

March 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Customer Service, I have always believed is the backbone of a firm.

I felt like everyone had been slacking in customer service, and some things needed to change. One of the ways I wanted to keep customers sure that we aim to please was by introducuing the customer service emails: instead of, or, like some others do. This makes Pearl Kreations’ service  efficient and professional.

Another thing is keeping them in the loop. I got this epiphany after disappointing two (2) customers on scheduled delivery dates some time in 2009. I remember it like it was yesterday. It happened so because of exams and bulk orders. I wasn’t able to get the two (2) orders ready for the specified times. There wasn’t going to be an issue if I couldn’t meet the specified time frame. What I did wrong was not informing both of them until the last-minute! It was such a shock that one had to completely cancel the order, while the other rescheduled. I felt so bad! I hate disappointing people. “Disappointing people” is one of the three (3) things I hate most in life. The other two (2) are: “being lied to” and “being taken for granted (disrespected)” – both of which I do not do because I believe one should treat people the way they want to be treated – which not surprisingly is the philosophy my first business, Pearl Kreations was founded upon. Plus, I’m a strong believer in karma lol.

But I digress, I have two stories from two PK customer service reps who recently had similar issues:

The first, a lady, ensured that the package was sent with the earliest Nigeria-bound package. For whatever reason, the Nigerian Customs held on to the parcel for an extra three (3) days; making it impossible for the order to be delivered on time. The customer (the representative of a group) was upset because the purpose of order was defeated. I told the employee that she did the right things and all that she could! She kept the client updated and informed her on the parcel’s status. She even called FedEx when the parcel wasn’t delivered on time, and had the Nigerian delivery personnel on stand-by for the FedEx Delivery truck for the entire three day wait! Notwithstanding, the the customer wouldn’t have it and was still upset. I guess there’s just no pleasing some people. I asked her to apologize (the customer is always right) and offer a full refund. Later, one of the executives of the group after listening to the report of the situation, understood it that it was beyond our control. It was all settled after that. Thankfully.

The second, a gentleman, had his client’s (a D-Dealer) parcel sent on time as well. Again, held for an extra two (2) days. In the D-Dealer’s case, his own clients (whom we have no access to because of the agreement) were pressurizing him and threatening to cancel. He was under stress and in turn, so was our rep! Anyway, he had a delivery personnel send it through the local courier service as soon it arrived at the local PK office. Problem solved.

I’m happy it all went smoothly, and both customers and clients are happy. In any case, a better system has been put in place, and I hope it’s advantageous in the long run.


Complaints: When handling customer complaints, we will do so speedily. There is no discrimination or preference to complaints. Everyone is equal and unique and listened to carefully. Pearl Kreations will try to give the best possible results to ensure the issue is has been rectified and the customer is pleased.

Community Service: A good community produces good people. Pearl Kreations will give back through caring for the environment, maintaining old and raising new fundamental structures through our development initiatives; and offering branded gifts to members of our community during special giveaways and holiday sales/promos.

Enquiries: Pearl Kreations will provide detailed and the most accurate information to every customer. This way the company shows them they are very mindful of them.

Mutual Respect: When dealing with customers, Pearl Kreations reps will be mindful to address them by their appropriate titles in person, over the phone, via social media and even email. This gives the company an air of professionalism and respect. People love to be respected and taken seriously.

Product Management: Pearl Kreations has an extensive line of inexpensive, superior quality products. After a recent, complaint, delivery or purchase, a customer service representative will contact to customer to ensure they are satisfied.

Quality Service: Consistency in the right values is maintained at Pearl Kreations. The customer service team will deliver excellent service in a mode and system of operation is superb, unmatched and second to none.Pearl Kreations plans to constantly raise the bar for excellence and innovate new ways to improve the quality of service; because if the customer is happy, the company is happy.

Training: Every customer service representative is trained to be cheerful, honest and respectful when dealing with customers. They will have all the information needed to answer all enquiries and solve every problem in timely fashion.

Pearl Kreations will always make everything about the customer because it is. The customer service quality is paramount because without clients and customers, the company will be non-existent. Pearl Kreations will be committed to continually provide satisfactory products and services that exceed customers’ expectations. And, also train efficient customer service representatives that are approachable, never hesitate to respond to every comment, question, order and review.

We may not always get things right, but we will always make everything about the customer because it is. The new plan is to not only try to rectify/fix the problem asap, but now, also notify the customer as well. Our customer service quality is paramount because without our clients and customers, we will be non-existent. Customers want service reps that are approachable and speedily respond to their inquiries and orders; and that’s what we’re giving them 🙂

biz + privs

February 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Over the past year of running Pearl Creations, I have discovered to keep to time and separate business from pleasure…well, in this case, from my personal life! I discovered I wasn’t getting enough sleep ‘cuz I was working round the clock! I come back from school, check the company’s email, respond and get the buttons designed. I have dinner and then I study an average of 3 hours ending at about 4:00am/5:00am. Before retiring to bed, I check Facebook messages and emails again; and if they are more, I reply them! I sleep 5:30-ish and I have to be up at 8:30am every morning.

I realized this was because I didn’t set a time frame for myself and so I did. I started by updating the website over one weekend, added new pages, changed fonts, colors, designs…and made it super cool. I was so impressed if I may say so myself. Anyway, I set a business time frame set of Mondays – Saturday from 8:00am EST to 8:00pm EST. Now, weekdays, I design all the orders for the week only. On Saturdays, I handle the production and payments only. In other words, orders received on Saturdays will be arranged in order of arrival and designed for the following week/business day. Sundays, I have the day off.

Next, I realized people sending emails to would address it to Olusola, Sylvester or Sly…which I appreciated, but unfortunately, it is a business email which could be checked by me (presently) or any one of the Buttoners (nearest future). I also believe replying people casually will eventually cause unnecessary familiarity which in turn will make it difficult for them to take the business or costs seriously. It was also making me not business-minded. I decided to reply formally as long as the email is to Pearl Creations. I also added a signature: “customer service” and according to the email, there was the appropriate department. For example, normal emails were from the relations & products management department. Payments from the billing and finance department etc. Emails that needed my personal reply should be replied semi-formally as Sylvester.

Now everything’s just peachy and well balanced. I get enough rest, enough work (buttons and school) done. I’m Mr. Buttons, the businessman when it’s time for work – replying company emails, taking orders and making buttons. And then, the student, Sylvester, at school. I alternate between normal and business modes as the situations may require…like I have sort of an alter-ego lol.

Even when I’m met physically (in person), I don’t compromise business…if it is about business, of course. Some people who place orders with me physically don’t like the serious attitude, and occasionally interpret it as being rude; to those people, my apologies, but that’s just the proper thing to do! As I was advised by my dad, “‘Business should be separated from personal life/pleasures.” I guess the same can be applied to email addresses 😛