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ska redefined 2013

September 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Okay, I worked on a simple and more professional profile for The SKA Group. I love this new summary a lot better than those of previous years. I hope you enjoy reading this too. Enjoy!

The SKA Group


The SKA Group goes over expectations and beyond. It is constantly raising the bar for excellence in innovation and service.
Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, The SKA Group Incorporated is a leading, privately-owned, multinational, diversified business conglomerate. It owns and oversees the operations of several companies with interests spanning advertising solutions, branding, catering, clothing, document management, education, financial services, memorabilia, publication, and real estate all over the world. Reporting legitimate, record-breaking profits through the dedication of its employees worldwide, The SKA Group is one of the most admired, dynamic and profitable companies in the world.

The vision for The SKA Group was conceived by Sylvester Kay-Adade II in November, 2009, and by September, 2010, it was registered in Canada under the laws of the Province of Ontario. It initially began operations as Pearl Kreations on Monday, January 28th, 2008 in Hamilton, Ontario, while he was a freshman at McMaster University. As Pearl Kreations became more and more successful, it provided the necessary capital for research into new industries. The real estate and retail markets were explored, and the subsequent breakthrough success respectively gave rise to Ransrive Realtors in November, 2009, and Suave Clothing in February, 2010. Those were preceded by the acquisition of accounting and insurance firm, SKA Ventures in June, 2009, and followed by the development of innovations firm, Sylver Productions in August, 2010.
Presently, The SKA Group owns Café Euphorie, Herança Financial, Pearl Kreations, Prestige Academy, Ransrive Realtors, Suave Clothing, Sylver Productions, and Vecasyer Hotels & Towers, as well as controlling interests in RCubed-Merit LLP and Spinners Incorporated.

The SKA Group will relentlessly provide superior quality products and deliver exceptional service, while thriving to be the best and exceed expectations in all its business and social endeavors.

The SKA Group will be the global brand with a drive for innovation and heart after perfection.

We believe in consistency in the right values.
– Fairness: There is no discrimination; everyone is equal and every job is vital to our brilliant success.
– Hard work: Excellent results are not manufactured, but accomplished through hard work. We understand that and are very familiar with it.
– Lawfulness: All our actions and activities are in total obedience, and in complete accordance with the law.
– Quality: All our products and services are always held to the highest standards.
We believe in leadership by example.
– Accountability: We account and take responsibility for our actions, and conduct ourselves responsibly and transparently in all situations and at all times.
– Entrepreneurship: We are creative, innovative and ready to take calculated risks.
– Perfection: We are performance-oriented and put our best into everything.
Like every family, we trust respect and trust each other, and that attitude flows right from the top to the branches.
The people make the company, and our people are the best employees, executives, and partners; hence, we are the best company.
We make everything about our patrons because it is.
– Community: A good community produces good people. Our people are good people because they come from good communities.
In order to maintain the balance, we give back through caring for the environment, maintaining old and raising new fundamental structures, and providing basic necessities to lacking communities.
– Customers: Customer service is paramount to us because without our clients and customers, we would be non-existent. We are committed to continually provide value through our products and services.

Every business venture owned or affiliated with The SKA Group is held to the highest standards, operated efficiently, and pacesetters in their respective industries.

SKA in 2013Café Euphorie is the chain of state-of-the-art cafes designed for and with the quintessential business executive in mind.
Herança Financial is the global, small business management firm which deals in the provision of top-notch financial advice and solutions for small and medium scale businesses. It provides business analysis, consultation, operating leases, project management, small and medium scale enterprise (SME) loans, training, and excellent financial advice for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals.
Prestige Academy is the educational institution which delivers quality, unparalleled educational services. These services include entrepreneurial education, financial management education, middle school education, high school education, private tutoring, and renowned etiquette & grooming classes.
Pearl Kreations is the collectibles manufacturing company which manufactures, retails and supplies superior quality button-badges for a variety of corporate, personal, professional, national and international events and purposes. It is the unofficial button-badges supplier for the FIFA World Cup™ Tournaments, the IOC Olympics™ and the UEFA Champions League™.
Ransrive Realtors is the real estate company which provides temporary and permanent accommodation through the letting and sale of commercial and residential properties with onsite luxury amenities.
Suave Clothing is the unique clothing venture solely in the business of elite corporate apparel. It retails luxury accessories from reputable brand names, and manufactures and sells its own line of bespoke dress shirts, dress pants and suits,  as well as provide wardrobe consultation services. It also produces a biannual style publication called The Suave Series.
Sylver Productions is the innovative firm which provides unique products and services that meet untapped customer needs. It developed, manages and operates proprietary services like Citymail™, CollegeTix™/TixItUp™, Datlik™ and Wefyl™.
Vecasyer Hotels & Towers is the collection of the most stylish hotels and resorts worldwide which offer 5-star accommodation with first class professional treatment and quality services. It also provides chauffeur services to and from international airports.

The noteworthy companies and ventures The SKA Group has partial ownership in are:
RCubed-Merit LLP is the outfitting firm which highlights and optimizes the potential for various living spaces by redefining the outlook of the rooms, offices, homes and work spaces through the reorganization and restructuring of their overall presentation. The SKA Group has fifty-one percent (51%) ownership.
Spinners Incorporated is the agency which provides expert advertising services and solutions to its clients. It also uses its ace designing skills and creative wordplay to make befitting logos, catchy names and impressive slogans for its clients’ businesses, events and products. The SKA Group has seventy-five (75%) ownership.

All subsidiaries operate independently, but are monitored and regulated from its Headquarters, SKA Tower, which is controlled by the President.


August 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Last month, I decided to put a halt on some of my businesses for a month or two. I wanted to take a step back, and see if there’s something I may need to change. I’ve been running the same programs, and making little changes based on what I wanted or was advised to, as opposed to also taking into consideration the suggestions of the customers. I decided to have a rethink of everything – customer service, products/services, websites and so on. In the end, I made a couple changes to The SKA Group, Pearl Kreations, CollegeTix and Datlik.

For The SKA Group, ever since I envisioned it, I’ve described as a mammoth. I realize now that my description have been grandiose. I’m leaning towards a more humble profile which will be revealed in September under ska redefined 2013. It’s profile also mentioned it is headquartered in Canada. I chose Canada because the vision was conceived here, and well, also because I live here. Recently, I’ve been considering Nigeria, Brazil, and even Togo as well, for sentimental reasons. Either way, I’ll need to make a decision on the headquarter(s) soon. While I decide, I’ve closed down the website. It was nice to have it. I drew inspiration from it, got to picture everything as I would love it, and sort of gave life to something that has been in my head. It even inspired a few friends to dream big as well :). I can’t wait to have the revamped version back up soon.

Pearl Kreations was my first baby, and now, it is this collectibles manufacturing company which deals in the production of button-badges and lapel pins for a variety of events and purposes. Everything is fine, except for the lapel pins part. We went to compete in that market to increase revenue, and we did, but I don’t like the product, at all. I love buttons. I love designing and I love making them. Once business resumes, we are scraping lapel pins and sticking to buttons, which is what we are famous for. The website was also closed down for an upgrade in order to streamline the business, and accommodate online shopping and payments.

Sylver Productions is my version of a think tank. It is an innovative firm which provides unique products and services. We started with Citymail™, the in-city specialty courier service, and then developed CollegeTix™, the premier online event management platform exclusively designed for college and university events, Datlik™, the proofreading service for articles, essays, projects, webpages and more, and lastly, Wefyl™, the electronic document filing/management service. Business was good, but I didn’t like that the products weren’t getting the most recognition, the company was. I mean it’s cool the company was, but the services needed the most recognition. For example, with CollegeTix, I would hear people say things like,”I got my tickets from” or “Can we use for our ticket sales?” instead of CollegeTix. Datlik also had a brand recognition problem. The company is more popular than its services. I’ve been thinking, may be that issue arose from the fact that the services were sub-links; that is, and Another issue I’ve been having is I think their names aren’t catchy enough for the target demographic (college students). I’m playing around with a few “cool”, new names at the moment. There will be a new post when I’ve made a decision, or in case I need to take a survey. Needless to say, those sites are also down until further notice.

I guessed some people may have wondered where PK, SP, and possibly SKA were, so I figured I’d tell; it’s the least I could do, while they’re being rebooted. They’ll be back on soon, so stay tuned! Ciao.

tweaking ct

January 8, 2013 Leave a comment

Caught myself thinking about how to improve CollegeTix even more. It is the first online ticket sales platform for college and university events, yeah, that’s great, what next? If you’re number one, you constantly have a bull’s eye on your back because guess what, the competition doesn’t like being number two. As a pioneer, you have to keep moving forward.

Keep Calm

A quality I’ve long admired in extremely successful entrepreneurs is their compulsion to constantly improve their products/services in order to stay ahead of the competition. I want that, so I sat down today and started pondering on what I can tweak about CollegeTix service to make better.

After some thought, I realized there is a market that CollegeTix hasn’t penetrated. That market is the registration market. Organizers host events for free on CollegeTix, hence the only earner is the ticket sales. Unfortunately, not every event hosted sells tickets; some events are free. However, I realized that they wouldn’t mind a registration service that helps them track their attendees, and possibly use the information gathered to contact those attendees in the future.

That was my eureka moment!

Instead of limiting CollegeTix to just an online hosting and eTicketing service, why not build it into an online event management service. I thought it was a splendid idea, but this addition was going to be a lot of work. The website had to be tweaked, price list changed, new service marketed/publicized, notifications altered, interfaces improved and all; and these had to be done seamlessly in order to add the Online Event Registration/eRegistration feature without affecting the other features.

After hours nonstop work, the eRegistration feature is active. It is actually quite convenient, the process is fast, and there is a security feature actively monitoring registrations. We also automated the master guest list generation so CollegeTix can process event registrations and ticket sales simultaneously.

As for the charge, like the online ticketing, I decided to make the online registration free for first events, and there will be a $0.20CAD/registrant processing fee for subsequent events.

Say hello to CollegeTix, the premier online event management service exclusively for college and university events!

This tweak was followed by a tweak of the entire company. Sylver Productions has been changed from a document management service provider to an innovative company, due to the host of niche services under its belt – Citymail, CollegeTix, Datlik and Wefyl.

inspitories xii: andrea iyamah

March 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Inspitories is my made up word for inspirational stories on young people I find interesting. They are usually interviews of other Entrepreneurs like myself whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, stumbled upon online or dug up that motivate me. Enjoy and get inspired!

I think we exude passion when we’re doing things we absolutely love. After CollegeTix was launched late September last year, I started to talk to everyone and anyone who cared to listen about it. One of such people who cared to listen was Hannah B. A couple of days later Hannah pings me and tells me a friend of hers was looking for an avenue to sell tickets online for her fashion show; she thought of me and referred her to me. I added her friend, we discussed and a couple of hours later The Andrea Iyamah Fashion Show & Cocktail Party was live on CollegeTix. The power of networking lol. I was out of town at the time, but by chance, we met in the flesh a few weeks later.

I first knew of Andrea Iyamah after I stumbled across her brand new site and read her brief bio. I also watched this video that showed her at work, and I have to say Dumebi is possibly one of the most creative people I have ever met. She is very talented. You can just tell from the detail in her sketches that she has an eye for detail, meticulous and passionate about what she does.

I attended the fashion show and I think her work is absolutely brilliant. I keep tabs on her new creations now lol. I’m not a fashion fanatic, not even close, but I don’t even need to be one to be convinced and positive that if she continues undeterred, she’s on her way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

Dumebi Iyamah
Founder & Creative Director
Andrea Iyamah

Birth Name
Dumebi Iyamah

20 (as of 2012)

Cooking, dancing, drawing, painting and sewing

Art/Business Name
Andrea Iyamah

Business Profile

Andrea Iyamah is a custom couture clothing and apparel line which creatively exhibits African/Nigerian culture and embraces royalty through its range of simple to elaborate designs.

I started this
March 2011

I’m driven by
My passion to exhibit my creativity in the best way possible.

Past Works/Portfolio
• Andrea Iyamah Fashion Show.
• The Loud On Sound (LOS) Fashion Show.
• Afrik Couleur Fashion Show.

Contact me


facebook: Andrea Iyamah

telephone: +1 (289) 489-1655

twitter: @AndreaIyamah

website: shopandreaiyamah.coml

sp campaigns

December 10, 2011 Leave a comment

All campaigns involve the participants (students and non-students alike) changing their avatars/display photos/profile pictures to the posters, and also changing their personal messages/status messages to one of the two specific messages (sentences or one-liners) that go with each campaign. Let’s spread the word!

Phase One (December 10th, 2011)

The “You’ve Dulled” Campaign is for CollegeTix

The “You’ve Dulled” messages: “Post Uni Events Online For Free via linkor “CollegeTix has the largest selection of college/university events from all around the world and now students can post their events for free so it’s easier to find and share them with others via link“. Please follow link for visual aid.

Phase Two (December 22nd, 2011)

The “Bored? Pick & Choose” Campaign is for CollegeTix

The “Bored? Pick & Choose” messages: “Bored? Pick and choose from the largest selection of events for college and university students in the world via link” or “Bored? Select events from our vast selection via link“. Please follow link for visual aid.

Phase Three (January 7th, 2012)

The “Second Look” Campaign is for Datlik

The “Second Look” Campaign messages: “Stop losing marks and credibility for inconsistency, poor grammar or spelling mistakes in your essays, web pages and work:” or “Say bye to losing marks and credibility in your essays and work:”.


Once again, thank you in advance if you decide to help. God bless you 🙂