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all smiles

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment

In 2010, Pearl Kreations released a collection of smileys called The Moods. The collection of smileys was inspired by the Western world (Americas and Europe) emoticons which lay emphasis on the mouth. For example, 😉 and =D. They are typical created using an equals to sign or a colon for eyes, a dash for the nose and one (1) or two (2) other characters/symbols for the mouth. Anyone who uses any form of instant messaging (IM) like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) or Whatsapp would know exactly what I’m talking about. The collection featured eight (8) different emoticons:

Left-Right and Top-Bottom = devil/meany face (>=)), angry/frowny face (X-(), geek/nerdy face (😎), excited/laughing face (😀), happy/smiley face (🙂), smooch/kissy face (:-*), wasted/stoned face (:-O) and the infamous flirt/winky face (😉).

Today, Pearl Kreations is introducing the new smiley collection called The Anime. This collection of smileys is inspired the Eastern Asian emoticons. Unlike the Western/American style emoticons which lay emphasis on the mouth, these focus on the expression of the eyes. They are typical created using an underscore a mouth with two (2) other characters/symbols for eyes. This collection also features eight (8) different emoticons:

Left-Right and Top-Bottom = purple (O_o) which represents being confused/sarcastic (a raised eyebrow), yellow (^_^) which represents being cheerful/elated, green (-__-) which represents being exhausted/perplexed (a sigh), blue (O_O) which represents being shocked/surprised (a widened gaze), pink (*_*) which represents being bashful/shy, white (+_+) which represents being angry/furious, orange (^_0) which represents being flirty/teasing (a wink), and red (X_X) which represents being dead/in trouble.

I hope this new collection sells as well as its predecessor!


future afrique

October 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Over my 4-month stay in Nigeria this summer, I came across some inspiring movements aimed at moving Africa forward. What I found most inspiring about them is fact that they were set up by youths like you and me!

YBA is the acronym for Youths for a Better Africa.
It was started by 2 young Nigerian ladies in Toronto. At the time of contact, they were about getting off the ground, but I like what I read on their Facebook group profile as well as what I learnt from talking to their leadership.
Basically, they plan to have meetings to discuss issues plaguing continental Africa and come up with logical conclusions that have the potential to enlighten and effect change.
Pearl Creations had the honor of being asked to make buttons for their organization using their logo.

I was quite impressed they actually had one – in my opinion, that show’s serious dedication.

The Society of Emerging African Leaders. The mission of this society is to :
– Propose leadership with integrity and dignity.
– Promote innovative and pragmatic solutions that are African centered and culturally acceptable.
– Research, provide and document practical African centered solutions.
– Impart knowledge for self-sufficiency.
– Inspire a whole generation of African youth.
– Harness the strength, energy and ideas of our members.
Right now, its base of operation is in Temple University, Philadelphia. This is where meetings and discussions are held.

Obviously, this is specific to Nigeria. I heard of this movement via BBM when a couple of my contacts had “Light Up Nigeria” as their status message.
After asking some questions, I discovered that selfish, highly influential Nigerian multimillionaires are paying off officials of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (the national power/electricity provider) to cut off power supply erratically so that there is no decrease in the consumption of diesel and importation & sale of electricity generating sets – simply because it is the best interest of their businesses.
There were rallies and sessions held in Lagos, Nigeria; Washington DC, USA and London, United Kingdom. The plan was for Nigerian Youths worldwide to put on black outfits to support the cause; rather than the national colors of green and white on October 1st (the country’s independence day), 2009.
It was a huge success and gained a lot of media attention, but their cause still awaits results and response from the Federal Government. Follow up on the movement at:

YHP Be Inspired:
YHP brings the latest news in business advice, tools and services to help business owners and start-ups grow their business and become more successful.
Their aim is to reach and develop young and aspiring entrepreneurs in the world, hoping to have a community in which young entrepreneurs can network, influence, and relate to each other.
They assist younger entrepreneurs to develop their hidden potential by providing them with the key principles in self-development. They also give them insight into the world of the other successful entrepreneurs to encourage, educate and motivate them to set targets, be more dynamic and reach higher goals – for this purpose, they interview young entrepreneurs under the age of 27 in different fields around the world.
It is currently based in London, England, but they have an interactive website you can visit anytime –

I love seeing discovering other young people maximizing their potential! Get inspired!