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Today is International Women’s Day (IWD). It is the global day set aside to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, as well as create awareness and highlight the progress made towards achieving greater gender equality and women’s rights.

On this day last year, Finansförbundet, the Norwegian trade union, released the video below. It was a social experiment on gender equality with reference to pay equality. It went viral.

The video showed pairs of children [one boy one girl] tasked with working together to fill two vases – one with with blue balls, and the other, with pink balls. Upon completing the task, they are rewarded with sweets – but the boys were given a lot more than the girls were. Their reactions made it clear that even children know the reward/pay for the same amount of work should be equal.

I, like a lot of other people, believe the same thing. Women should be paid what their male counterparts are paid for the same position. Women shouldn’t have to work twice as hard to prove themselves or their worth. It’s completely unfair, and that’s why I’m a feminist. Yes, I’m a feminist.

Forget how mainstream media and some ignorant, gynocentric people have portrayed feminism. Feminism isn’t anti-chivalry. Feminism isn’t about male-bashing. Feminism isn’t pro-misandry. Feminism is the support of women’s rights and interests; the belief that men and women should have equal rights and equal access to opportunities.

Everyone should be a feminist; except for some reason you believe women are second-class individuals.

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