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For most of this month, I’ve been working on Herança Financial – its business model, services, team, website and so on. I’m pleased to say we shall begin business on Monday (April 1st). Today, I want to share my month-long journey with you.


I started with the services that would be offered by Herança Financial are Small Business Advisory & Consultation, Business Analysis, Project Management, Supervisory Consultation & Training. Small Business Advisory & Consultation will basically be for new entrepreneurs. Business Analysis & Project Management will be for experienced business owners looking to become more efficient, expand/improve operations, increase productivity and/or transition into other things. Supervisory Consultation & Training will be for business owners who have ground level employees being promoted to management positions.

Next, I had to work on my team. It had to be a group of that had to know-how and proficient in business analysis, business management, entrepreneurship, project management and supervision, with substantial experience, especially in small business; most importantly, people I could trust. The team is still growing, but most of the essential personnel are on board.

After that got sorted out, I had to figure out how to make money! Most consultants charge per hour, and a lot of people are sometimes wary about that because some overcharge without getting any work done. With that in mind, I opted for per project billing and a free initial consult. The way that will work is during the first, free consult, we get to meet the client and better understand their business model or idea, assess their needs in to give the best possible solution(s), and set up a plan on how to accomplish the goals based on the client’s budget. I prefer to focus on value, so if it’s $100 the person can afford, I’ll try to put in $100+ worth of work with the client.

Next, office space. The business model was to meet clients at their places of business, but if we’re going to be working with new entrepreneurs as well, then we had to get somewhere. We got a place by divine connection and favor – a boardroom we can use for meetings for free, anytime clients would prefer to come to us. Even though we work with people in North America and West Africa at moment, these meetings in person are just in southern Ontario – currently  Ancaster, Burlington, Dundas, Hamilton and Stoney Creek. I’m working towards setting up an African Regional office in Lagos, Nigeria soon.

Finally, the website. My partner and I went back and forth on the design and layout for the website for a while, but we finally came into agreement yesterday. This is the link to be dummy site. If you’re using a smart phone or tablet, you may be redirected to the mobile version of the site.

So, we’re good to go! Please feel free to contact us with your ideas or issues. It will be absolutely confidential, and we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction. Cheers.

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