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My latest idea is Citymail. It’s a part of the Sylver Production family of innovations.

It is an in-city specialty courier service that will have city divisions/franchises in different cities. The purpose is to provide quality same day courier service to individuals, students and small & medium scale businesses. The business model is unique is that it provides the clients with the option for mail/parcel receipt and delivery on the same day, as well as re-routing options and storage services that can be found nowhere else in the country. The goal is to have Citymail provide unique niche business solutions designed for small and medium scale businesses; as well as personalized services designed for individuals with the best and most cost efficient options.

These are the plans/sales points:

Business Solutions – for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

1. Same Day Delivery

When Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) send priority mail and parcels within a city, it can be unnecessarily pricey and sometimes unreliable. Same day deliveries to other businesses and clients from within an hour up to before 4:00pm on the same business day. Deliveries are also between noon and 3:00pm on weekends. The cut off time for this service is 1:00pm. You can also be notified (optional) when it is dropped off at our facility, picked up from your office and delivered to the recipient.

2. Storage

Ordering new inventory and need a facility to have it  delivered and temporarily stored while you make arrangements or improvements? We can receive and store your inventory weighing up to fifty kilos (50kg) for up to sixty (60) days until  your storage is ready or upgrade is completed. You can also be notified (optional) when it arrives.

Personalized Services – For individuals (Professionals and Students)

1. Mail-Holding

Vacations are meant for relaxing, but you won’t be when you are suddenly reminded of important mail(s)/parcel(s) en route to you and you are away. You might even have to cancel when you realize they will be delivered while you will be away. Now, you don’t have to bother, cancel or cut your vacation short. We can receive and hold your mail and/or parcels for up to sixty (60) days. You can also be notified (optional) when it arrives.

2. Receipt

Goods ordered online and need a place to have it delivered by courier or post? You can select our facility as the primary or alternate place of delivery. In doing so, you will have the option of having it delivered to you at your convenience or come pick it up at a more convenient date and time. You can also be notified (optional) when it arrives.

3. Rerouting

As a student or young adult, moving your stuff into your school dorm/residence or new apartment can be exciting, but hectic, especially when you just got your first place. Sometimes, it is so exciting or hectic that you and your parents/guardians forget to have your mail rerouted to your new address. No problem, we can hold, receive and/or reroute your mail to your present address for up to sixty (60) days until you are settled in. You can also be notified (optional) every time something arrives for you.

That’s it!

It’s a little capital-intensive as it will need modes of transportation, but my partner and I are starting small and looking to partner with others of like-minds interested in bringing the idea to their cities. It is important to talk to us first because we’ll have to sue you if you start anything remotely similar, seriously -_-.

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