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inspitories xii: andrea iyamah

Inspitories is my made up word for inspirational stories on young people I find interesting. They are usually interviews of other Entrepreneurs like myself whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, stumbled upon online or dug up that motivate me. Enjoy and get inspired!

I think we exude passion when we’re doing things we absolutely love. After CollegeTix was launched late September last year, I started to talk to everyone and anyone who cared to listen about it. One of such people who cared to listen was Hannah B. A couple of days later Hannah pings me and tells me a friend of hers was looking for an avenue to sell tickets online for her fashion show; she thought of me and referred her to me. I added her friend, we discussed and a couple of hours later The Andrea Iyamah Fashion Show & Cocktail Party was live on CollegeTix. The power of networking lol. I was out of town at the time, but by chance, we met in the flesh a few weeks later.

I first knew of Andrea Iyamah after I stumbled across her brand new site and read her brief bio. I also watched this video that showed her at work, and I have to say Dumebi is possibly one of the most creative people I have ever met. She is very talented. You can just tell from the detail in her sketches that she has an eye for detail, meticulous and passionate about what she does.

I attended the fashion show and I think her work is absolutely brilliant. I keep tabs on her new creations now lol. I’m not a fashion fanatic, not even close, but I don’t even need to be one to be convinced and positive that if she continues undeterred, she’s on her way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

Dumebi Iyamah
Founder & Creative Director
Andrea Iyamah

Birth Name
Dumebi Iyamah

20 (as of 2012)

Cooking, dancing, drawing, painting and sewing

Art/Business Name
Andrea Iyamah

Business Profile

Andrea Iyamah is a custom couture clothing and apparel line which creatively exhibits African/Nigerian culture and embraces royalty through its range of simple to elaborate designs.

I started this
March 2011

I’m driven by
My passion to exhibit my creativity in the best way possible.

Past Works/Portfolio
• Andrea Iyamah Fashion Show.
• The Loud On Sound (LOS) Fashion Show.
• Afrik Couleur Fashion Show.

Contact me

email: admin@andreaiyamah.com

facebook: Andrea Iyamah

telephone: +1 (289) 489-1655

twitter: @AndreaIyamah

website: shopandreaiyamah.coml andreaiyamah.com

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