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In July, I briefly mentioned that Sylver Productions was going to become fully operational with the addition of CollegeTix and Datlik. Today, I want to share the CollegeTix vision with you. CollegeTix™ is the premier platform exclusively designed for college and university events, owned by Sylver Productions. In order words, Sylver Productions is the first company to provide this service specifically for college/university clubs, student groups, student organizers and student promoters. CollegeTix operates two (2) distinct, but complimentary services – Online Event Hosting and Online Ticketing/eTicket Sales.

The vision behind it is to provide students with an online avenue where they can publicize their events on a platform where students everywhere (almost) can easily find and share them with others. I’m hoping it becomes the number one source college/university students go to find, pick, rate and share the hottest and latest events anywhere. Basically, I hope to build CollegeTix into a global online directory for college/university events. For example, I am a student at Yale University who will be spending his Christmas holiday in London, England. I get there on December 16th, and by the 22nd, I’m absolutely bored! What do I do? I log on to collegetix.sylverpro.com, type “london, england” into the search bar, and voila! Every single college/university event happening in London, England appears! Now, I can read about all the events, learn the ticket prices and get the addresses to every event people my age in London, England will be at. It is due to this vision that the event hosting service is absolutely free. That will make is easier for every organizer and promoter of such events to consider placing their events on the site. Who doesn’t like free publicity? This is not to say that just any event will be publicized. There is an investigative process that precedes every event posting.

Online ticketing is free for the first event any group chooses to use the e-ticketing feature for. Ours is pretty good because of the convenience – both credit card and debit card payment options are available. It is the easiest and most student-friendly way to generate sales. It is however optional to use this feature.

When God revealed this concept to me, I downplayed it and imagined it for use only in North America, but now I see it as a universal tool. By His grace, it is going global and presently used by various student groups and promoters in colleges and universities in Canada, Nigeria, United States and England for the free online promotion of their events via social networks like Delicious, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Twitter, and even via email.

If you like the idea, you can help with its promotion. Sylver Productions is running a three-part campaign – two for CollegeTix and one for Datlik. Phase one begins in a week (December 10th), and phase two will begin December 22nd. You may follow this link on December 10th for all the information you’ll need.

Alternatively, there is are two videos available – one introducing CollegeTix (Meet CollegeTix) and another explaining how CollegeTix works (The CollegeTix Manual). Both were directed by our very own, Spinners Inc. You can help by sharing those as well. Thank you in advance if you decide to help! 😀

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