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inspitories ix: breakthrough

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Inspitories is my made up word for inspirational stories on young people I find interesting. They are usually interviews of other Entrepreneurs like myself whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, stumbled upon online or dug up that motivate me. Enjoy and get inspired!

This is one of the most enterprising and innovative people I’ve ever met.
There’s always something brewing in Augusta’s mind.

I met her in October 2004 and we’ve remained close ever since. Every birthday card she gave me always had a peculiar smiley face in it. I thought it was some sort of signature. I must say, I never noticed her true creativity until after I moved to Canada in 2006. She sent me a proposal late that year for a column I could have in a new magazine she was working on. I was to talk about life overseas and portray it as not all fun and rainbows. I think it was going to be called D-411. Eventually, the appeal of the magazine was going to take off with was already in use by another group of people so she dropped it.

Next thing in 2008, I saw that same peculiar face on a hooded sweatshirt she had on and then a Facebook group called HappyFacez. Went unto the group page, and there were photos of tees and hooded tees with the smiley face printed. In 2009, she turns it up a notch…new brilliant designs, concepts and smileys. HappyFacez did an official launch in August 2009; and released more tees, more hooded tees plus new additions: polos and hooded sweat shirts.

I attended the event (as seen in this candid photograph with her) and of course, bought one of her products – a polo shirt.

and modeled in it a little later.

She’s enterprising and always on the go. It is 2010, and this summer she graduated from clothing into beverages with the introduction of Fluid with its a mini bar underway for business in December! She’s living the dream whilst constantly redefining it as well. In 4 – 5 years, she will mostly likely have a list of businesses under her belt. In her own words, “Just imagine putting on a HappyFacez polo while Fluid supplies you with every drink of your choice. Great, right?”. That’s her dream & vision; and that is exactly what she does! She’s Baby on ‘Hip on TV’ by day, and CEO Breakthrough Inc. every other time.

Augusta Bernard
Founder & CEO
Breakthrough Inc.

Birth Name
Augusta Bernard

28 (as of 2010)

Business acumen

Art/Business Name
Breakthrough Incorporated

Business Profile

Breakthrough Incorporated is the management firm for HappyFacez and Fluid.

I started this
I started HappyFacez Clothing in Lagos, Nigeria in June 2008, but I got more aggressive with it in 2009. FLUID just kicked off in August, 2010. The brand “HappyFacez” started out while I attended University studying for my Masters. During boring lectures, I would draw little happy/smiling faces just to make me feel good. I also would draw some for some of my Colleagues who weren’t having good days. After school and making some money, I started out!

HappyFacez is all about feel good clothing.When you wear the brand you feel so good and just want to be happy especially when you have the logo smiling back at you lol. HappyFacez is all about forever smiles.

Fluid is a different ball game; in the sense that this brand is all about all kinds of drinks. Fluidis a company that supplies alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks of every kind. They meet up their Clients’ demands by delivering drinks to the events. We carter to all events, including birthdays, business meetings, get-togethers and weddings. As the name implies, we are also fluid. We’ll juice up your event(s) anywhere, anytime, anyhow in order to make it a friction-free experience. We’re working on a Fluid Mini Bar, opening December 2010.

I’m driven by
My clients’ reactions to my services. It makes me to work harder and improve quality of the goods and service we provide.

Past Works/Portfolio
• HappyFacez was part of an event tagged ‘Jeans for Genes’, by a charity organization in Lagos, Nigeria. It helped raise money for people living with sickle-cell anaemia as well create awareness on issues associated with the condition.

Contact me

email: thefluid@rocketmail.com

telephone: +234-806-139-7173

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