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Nowadays, misplaced priorities seem to be the order of the day. I’m not one to judge nor do I ever, but sometimes, people need to put themselves right.

I grew up with two (2) chartered accountants so may be that’s why I plan and think carefully before I do or spend on anything. I’m quite thrifty and mighty proud of that. My dad was a lot more thrifty, and my mum always told me to be penny wise and pound wiser (not pound foolish). In essence, don’t save painfully only to spend it foolishly, but spend when it could amount to something.

Thriftiness shouldn’t be mistaken for selfishness. I’m not selfish and I’m sure my close friends can attest to my generosity. Being thrifty isn’t about not spending at all…even to the point of one’s detriment or not helping others.

Being that no one is perfect, I admit that I do have my moments of flamboyance, but then I try to make them as purposeful as possible. My dad taught me to buy only quality stuff from notable designers because they last longer than cheaper clothing. For example, a T.H., A.E. or R.L. Polo would probably last longer than that of any normal clothing store like O.N. (no pun intended). I haven’t bought a new dress shirt, polo, denim pants, dress pants or tees in over a year now…mostly because I have a lot, but also because there is no need.

A lot people know that there is a difference between want and need, but just can’t control themselves…especially in this society! “I have a weakness for shoes”, “I have a weakness for LV” etc. All those things look good, but are they really necessary? By God’s grace, I could buy as many LV and Gucci products as I desire; even a car if I wanted, but then, what’s the point? I dont need those things…right now. When I do eventually get some of these things, there will be the need for them.

Whenever there’s a party, I look at the point to it first. I’m human and like to have fun, but then at what cost? I have to think of:
1. Transportation: hitch a ride, bus & cab or rent = $30 (gas money), $50 (to and fro fare) or $150 (1-2 day rental).
2. The cost to get in the club/venue: $30 – $50
3. Drinks: $5 – $200

All this money gone in one night for one night of fun?! Really?! I don’t think so. Funny thing is some people call it ballin! May be I don’t know how to have fun anymore, may be I’m too old financially for my age, may be I’m not a socialite or may be I’m just cheap. Mum once said to me, “cut your coat according to your size”. Personally, I feel that if I’m putting in too much effort, then it’s pressure. Fun shouldn’t cost you too much.

Something to think about – eventually, all this student partying time would pass. Real life will begin. Circles will change. Before you know it, it would be time for balls, luncheons, dinners – you know, occasions with a purpose. For those sort of events, the hosts/people invite men and women of caliber. Sadly, people use the past to judge others and if you were a party hopper, guess who won’t be invited. Never ever make the mistake to think people aren’t watching/don’t watch you. For example, if Mr X has a history of party hopping, that’s all he will be associated with! And for the most part, it is in such a manner this person might be addressed. But if Mr Y has had a history of responsible behavior, notable attendances and contributions, then he’ll be addressed in that manner and invited to, possibly asked speak on issues at important events. That is my logic.

I think I’ve begun to stray. I’m not against partying or anything, but if you simply must, save for the rainy day as well. I probably sound like a dad right now, but money can fly away! Christians know the story of Job too well. He lost all he had in one day! I’ve seen a lot of people spend for all the wrong reasons:

– Some to impress…who are you trying to impress and why?
– Some to oppress…who are you to oppress and why?
– Some for status…what status could you possible acquire as an undergrad and whose validation are you seeking?
– Some for parties…which last a couple of hours and then it is all over.

All those put together is called living in vanity, not ballin, and you’re living a lie. The problem with living a lie is that it hurts! Most times, a couple of these people end up in a ton of debt to friends and banks (credit cards). Even if you or your parents have the money, I’ll say it again, money does grows wings (and can fly away), or it could be there, but you can’t touch it (first hand experience).

Setting your priorities right especially financially is something I’m very passionate about. Well may be a little too passionate about. I know money is meant to be spent, but spend wisely! Please be wise. Well that was just my two  cents on the high partying, extravagance, designer clothing, label chasing craze that surrounds me. Now, back to the business exploits! 😀

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