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inspitories vii: najim team

Inspitories is my made up word for inspirational stories on young people I find interesting. They are usually interviews of other Entrepreneurs like myself whom I have had the pleasure of meeting, stumbled upon online or dug up that motivate me. Enjoy and get inspired!

I always say whoever said jack of all trades is a master of none was either unambitious or lazy! Berkshire Hathaway, GE, P&G and a host of conglomerates and companies are Masters of many and multi-billionaire dollar Corporations because of that! I believe they must be doing some thing(s) right, right? Well, soon to join their ranks is Najim Team Inc; and the combination of animation, clothing, comic, graphics and music is their trade.

In the Animation and Comics world dominated by The Walt Disney Company, he is bringing a new twist in creativity and flavor that attracts all ages and ethnicities. In the Comic Book World, with him, it is not just about entertainment using superheroes and villains, but also the application of comic in the real world as well as daily living. As a detailed Graphics Designer and perfectionist, he brings his creativity into art. Did I mention he is the one responsible for all our colorful and well-designed business cards, posters and logos?

It’s not about bragging, cars, parties, sex and women with his music. He tells stories with the kind of lyrical mastery of real hip hop music.

Najim Zafir is most certainly not the average Joe by any standard.

Najim Zafir
Founder & CEO
Najim Team Inc.

Birth Name
Najim Zafir

23 (as of 2010)

Design, drawing, and poetry

Art/Business Name
Najim Team Incorporated

Business Profile

We are into Multimedia – print, web and motion pictures, graphic comics – YODELL web comic strips, clothing – tees and music – M.I.S.T. The MistryKiDD. I write poems and I transfer that skill to writing songs. I like to tell stories and I do so either in text or in rhyme. When I’m not writing, I’m drawing both digitally and traditionally. I draw the web comic strip, YODELL. I’m also working on another project which I will be announcing as soon as I sort out some wrinkles as well plans to venture into print media with videos.

I started this
Because this was where my heart led me. I just do what I love to do and I hope that people like it.

I’m driven by
The idea of creating something that hasn’t been created before. If not that, then doing what everyone else does in my own way.

Past Works/Portfolio
• T Shirt designs: Gooogle MistryKidd

mistry kidd tees

• The YODELL strip on my blog. For a peek at a few other comic strips, please view link.
• Infantry Rules: A street album featuring M.I.S.T. The MistryKiDD. It was put out in Europe with collaborator, F Tune.
• I have an album called M.I.S.T. The MistryKiDD: Quizzes, Tests & Exams (QTE). It is due out between now and 2011.

Contact me

blog: MistryKidd

email: najimteam@live.ca

facebook: M.I.S.T. The MistryKidd

music: MistryKidd

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