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December 5, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

For the longest time, I’ve had this gift – people feel free to tell and entrust me with their deepest, darkest secrets. Even though I never would. I was reserved and secretive about my life and everything that has to do with me. I wouldn’t even talk about my family! When did that all change? How did I allow my life become such an open book?

Within the past 3 – 4 years of my life, I decided to open up. It was sort of liberating at first. I got more “friends” because I let more people in and they got to know more about me. Now, I think I’m a little too open or should I say a lot more open.

I recently did an interview in which I opened up a lot more than usual. I did it mainly because I wanted to be open with my fans. I wanted them to get to know the real Mr. Buttons. Even though it was loved and widely read, most of the later reviews centered on the provision of excess info. I still didn’t think so even after reading it again and again. It was at that instance I realized that may be I’ve become so open, that I couldn’t even see it!

That is why I’ve decided the GidiNoize interview would be my last in depth interview on personal information. I’ve realized that as much as my fans would love to know about me, I need to keep a little mystery to my life and affairs.

Further more, as much as I believe I’m loved, I’m sure I’m equally disliked; so the less known, the better for me….in the long run. One needs to be careful as the world can never be rid of haters. For example, after my nomination for the 2010 award of business owner of the year in the future nigeria awards, someone had this to say, “Who or what is Mr Buttons..and why should I vote him or his product as best business owner of the year? How has the product impacted on the present and future of Nigeria? I took a look at the website…if this dude had operated from Nigeria, he may have had a poor case, but from all indications he actually operates from Canada; even his business terms are in dollars. I can only hope that this award is restricted to Nigerians who believe in Nigeria enough to actually LIVE AND TRY TO DO business there”. That was by far the harshest (at the time), but not the first; and I’m certain it won’t be the last. I’ve had tons of criticism over time and learnt that not everyone will care about/like/love you. In time, I’ve become immune to such and don’t let mundane comments get to me.

People say all sorts, but I’m not moved or upset. Actually, I’m sort of flattered! Everyone has a right to their opinion(s). A colleague of mine once said,”I will hate not to be hated”. I think I concur. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re not “hated”, there’s nothing worth being envious about you. Not to dwell on the negative, there were also lots helpful comments offered. Someone actually appreciated me being open – this is his first time meeting the open me lol, and this is what he had to say: “The openness about you is a plus…makes you real…human…it let’s people know that real people exist that make real impact. Fictitious folk will exist, but watch those real ones soar…mahn do they soar/fly! See them shine as the stars in heaven!”. I thought it was sort of funny, but helpful nonetheless.

I like to thank all those who offered constructive criticism and gave advice on what to offer and leave out in future interviews. Special thanks to my friends – Pelumi A*, Teni O*, Toyosi I*, Rachel A* and ‘Mobola R* for your love, support, encouragement and bluntness!

Well, I’ve changed my perspective on life and things in general. I have a new belief system. A part of this new system is the believe that the only thing constant in life is change; and a reinvention is brewing…come 2010.

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