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Sometimes, I like to type Pearl Creations into Google to see if something comes up and what it is. Today, I did it again and I ran into various forms of “acknowledgments” – some I was aware of and some I didn’t even know about! Here are a couple of them:

1. From a past event: http://www.womenpower.ca/events.php. If you scroll down, you’ll run into a picture with three (3) national buttons. This was from the second event Pearl Creations appeared in – The 2008 Tiara Festival. This is what was stated –  PEARL CREATIONS: If you want to show your support or concern for a country of your choice- Kenya, Sudan, Israel, Pakistan, Iraq, Zimbabwe, you name it. Pearl Creations makes national buttons bearing the flag of any country.

2. From a fellow young entrepreneur and blogger: http://inspiredtosucceedbysituations.blogspot.com/2009/02/check-out-pearlcreationsorgits-all.html. I was shocked to see this. I felt very honored – it’s always nice getting recognition from your pairs. This is what was stated – Hello everyone, the last two post has been about business creativity. I really loved the concept being pearl-creations with the use of the All-Me-Buttons. From my own personal perspective, it takes a very creative thinker to come up with new ideas such as personalizing one’s own personal buttons. Go check them out on their blog and website listed below: pearl-creations.blogspot.com. Have a fabulous Sunday.

3. From UNICEF there was some acknowledgment given to Pearl Creations: http://www.un.org/esa/socdev/unyin/iyd2008.htm. When you scroll down to the arrangements for each country, Pearl Creations comes up as below:

(i) The YMCA Northern Zone Youth Forum is marking the Day with an 8-day summer camp. Besides regular camp activities, the commemoration includes a visit to the Plateau State House of Assembly to encourage legislators to support action on environmental issues. (More information: simonkaru@yahoo.com).
(ii) A young student who started a company in January this year, to make button badges, will be making and distributing buttons on the International Youth Day (IYD) to tell young people about the part they play in saving the planet. (More info: http://www.pearlcreations.org).
(iii) A road show and an endurance trip from one end of Abuja to the other, which will pass through major city centers and present messages on the theme of the Day. (More information: info@aygf.org; http://www.aygf.org).

I have been trying to get the attention for various schools – particularly mine (McMaster University) and University of Windsor. I finally got the attention of both and on the same day…weirdly enough.
There’s a store in McMaster University’s Student Center called the Union Market. It is operated by the Student Union. It will have the National Buttons and All-Me Buttons up for sale soon.

4. I also got a 500-word advert spot for the National Buttons from the University of Windsor. The ad was mailed to all the students and the Button Up ad was put on the website (http://www.uwsa.ca/pulse/) as well! This is what was stated – Button up! Do you miss home and you can’t go back yet? Is it your independence or national day, and you want to celebrate in a stylish and affordable way? Or do you just want to show your support or concern for a country of your choice? Well, look no further – we’ve got the National Buttons bearing the flag of any country. Represent where you’re from in style and let the whole world know who you are and where you’re from. There are over 100 flags, slogans and impressions to choose from. We take single and bulk orders and offer great discounts. For more information email mr.buttons@live.ca or visit us www.pearlcreations.org.

Perseverance and hard work actually do pay off!

Also, I found this website/program that values a website according to the number of its daily views as well as some other criteria. I tested the website and discovered pearlcreations.org is valued at about $1000USD! Not bad I guess!

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