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I decided to go all out for the big dogs/fish – I had an idea for Coca~Cola Canada and Pepsi Canada for Canada Day 2009. I mentioned my ideas in letters to both Companies – surprisingly, or rather, by God’s grace, they’re being looked into presently :D. I also addressed a letter with the same ideas to the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC), the official bottler & distributor of Coca Cola and Schweppes products in Nigeria. I’m awaiting a reply from them as well.

With some of my recent endeavors (which I will discuss shortly), I realize that I’m developing the entrepreneurial eye. I used to hear so much about, but now I’m experiencing it firsthand! It’s the ability to see a business opportunity in almost anything anywhere at anytime.

It started with Mattel. I read in the papers and online that Barbie Doll celebrated her 50th anniversary this Monday. I thought to myself, “that’s huge a market, what if they ordered buttons?“; so I duly wrote to Mattel Inc and suggested Barbie buttons for the events planned worldwide and for their online stores:

Unfortunately, there was no response :(. Anyway, just two days ago, I was walking in the Student Centre at McMaster when I saw banners for an ongoing competition – The Stride Gum Ridiculously Long Lasting Ping Pong Playoffs.

I noticed the competition’s logo was a nice circular design, which I thought would make really nice promo buttons…

I took a photo with my phone immediately!:

I figured the buttons could be used as consolation prizes and give-aways like the gums and t-shirts. I wrote to the Stride Gum and Cadbury Adams Marketing Divisions and gave them my suggestion – it didn’t hurt to try!

That’s so much for my entrepreneurial eye with relation to business. I’ve become so passionate that my e-eye is even seeking other entrepreneurs I can collaborate with, encourage and/or support. I recently formed a group on Facebook for all student entrepreneurs as myself to rub minds, dialogue, share experiences and possibly form partnerships for present or future endeavors. It is called: The International Association of Student Entrepreneurs (IASE); please feel free to join the group if you fit the profile or would love to show your support! Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=56199873188.

I have also realized the importance of branching out. Now, I have a Pearl Creations Group on Facebook as well as groups for the All-Me Buttons and the National Buttons. I also branched out into Hi5 with both buttons and currently working on a My Space page.
Lookout for a website soon! A blog is in the works and Pearl Creations is on eBay too!

I’m so excited about and grateful to God for the boldness, grace and ideas He’s giving me!
All I’ve mentioned isn’t even half of all I have brewing in my mind, but this is all I have time for right now…I have to keep a little to myself lol.

Just wanted to tell you the entrepreneurial eye is real, how it’s worked for me and encourage you to develop it! I’ve got so much to do – got to run!

  1. Mz.Dee
    February 24, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    Lol I like!! So he’s not just a doctor, but also a business man?
    I’m still trying to figure out how much cash would have rolled in by the time WE’RE married with kids 😛

    Good job hun

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