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Pearl Creations was contacted early February to supply buttons to a McMaster University Group organizing a show to raise money for a cause. They needed to advertise the event through cool buttons and so I was contacted.During the first meeting with the Organizers, I told them this would be All-Me Buttons order which means they will be $2.50/pin. They wanted 100 pins and asked for a discount. Since it was 100 units, they had a choice of 1.0-inch, 1.25-inch or 1.5-inches. I showed them a few samples and they wanted the 1.0-inch buttons.I offered the students’ discount of $1.50/pin, but then after some deliberation, I had a rethink. These were students trying to raise money for The Invisible Children. I checked the website and I realized, this wasn’t a business matter, I was offering a service so I made a compromise that was still in Pearl Creations’ interest (of course), my conscience’s interest and the interest of the organizing body. I offered a undisclosed discount which was duly much appreciated. Payment was made soon after and the buttons provided. The buttons are for an event tagged “A Peace Of Chic”. It is a fashion show scheduled for Saturday, March 14th, 2009. It promises to be a blast!

Remember Amal A * and her noble act: The Um-Aisha Orphanage? Well, we hooked up again for a Partnership recently and…actually, first let’s rewind – After Afrofest, we got talking about what she does, how she started and why. Hmmm, now, that I think of it, I didnt get one of the cool bracelets she was selling to raise money for the welfare of the kids. They were pretty neat too.Anyway, she asked if she could place an order sometime for buttons…She already had a couple of designs in her head that she just had to put on paper or PC as it were. Unfortunately, because I was a MASA Executive, I had to help with the clearing up, disassembling of the stage and all. So after rubbing minds for a few minutes, all we walked away with were first names and mobile phone numbers. Calling was going to be a little hassle cuz she attends the University of Waterloo in Waterloo ON, but lives in Mississauga (I think); and I’m in McMaster University, Hamilton ON and live there too…so it would have to be long distance calls either way because we would always be in two different cities.

We were supposed to meet the next day- Sunday, to talk a little more about the buttons to create awareness on the Orphanage, but I was so exhausted after clearing up, running errands and dropping people off that I woke up at about 1:15pm. Well, partly cuz I fell asleep at about 6:30am. By the time, we (Executives and Planning Committee Members) finished our final errands, it was evening time…and I guessed she would have been well on her way back to Waterloo by then. A few days after, I tried finding her on Facebook, but to no avail.
She found me when she saw the Mr. Buttons fan page Ad on Facebook and wrote me! That’s how we got reunited by the Power of Networking lol. After exchanging some pleasantries, we go to talk more and make plans. She also sent me a picture of some of the children:
I think they’re just adorable. Anyway, she also explained what she expected the design to be: an outline of the map of Africa with the Tanzanian Orphanage Awareness written across with in the Tanzanian flag colors: blue, yellow and green.
In these matters like this, I think up a design and sketch it; and then send the sketch to Alice with instructions on how it should be colored, arranged & the fonts to be used. She then creates the proofs.
She is usually involved with the designing whenever I’m bombarded. Anytime, I cant handle a project alone and have no time to design, she gets right on it with/for me. or example, I’m focused on my finals for the session!
In case you’re wondering, Alice C* is my Business Partner/Associate in the United Kingdom. I mentioned her in my first interview with The Hamilton Spectator. She also runs her own Company and has slightly similar concepts as mine! How weird is that!?
From my imagination and Amal’s description, Alice came up with this:
If we finally settled on this and I’ve given her a great deal. One in the league of that of the Invisible Children (if you read this regularly, you know what I mean). What ever the case, I hope in our little way, Pearl Creations helps these kids a great deal! You can also help the Um-Aisha Orphanage and support Amal by joining the “Save The Orphans of Tanzania” page of Facebook via link. Find out how you can help and spread the word!
Be a giver.
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