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February 9, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Over the past year of running Pearl Creations, I have discovered to keep to time and separate business from pleasure…well, in this case, from my personal life! I discovered I wasn’t getting enough sleep ‘cuz I was working round the clock! I come back from school, check the company’s email, respond and get the buttons designed. I have dinner and then I study an average of 3 hours ending at about 4:00am/5:00am. Before retiring to bed, I check Facebook messages and emails again; and if they are more, I reply them! I sleep 5:30-ish and I have to be up at 8:30am every morning.

I realized this was because I didn’t set a time frame for myself and so I did. I started by updating the website over one weekend, added new pages, changed fonts, colors, designs…and made it super cool. I was so impressed if I may say so myself. Anyway, I set a business time frame set of Mondays – Saturday from 8:00am EST to 8:00pm EST. Now, weekdays, I design all the orders for the week only. On Saturdays, I handle the production and payments only. In other words, orders received on Saturdays will be arranged in order of arrival and designed for the following week/business day. Sundays, I have the day off.

Next, I realized people sending emails to mr.buttons@live.ca would address it to Olusola, Sylvester or Sly…which I appreciated, but unfortunately, it is a business email which could be checked by me (presently) or any one of the Buttoners (nearest future). I also believe replying people casually will eventually cause unnecessary familiarity which in turn will make it difficult for them to take the business or costs seriously. It was also making me not business-minded. I decided to reply formally as long as the email is to Pearl Creations. I also added a signature: “customer service” and according to the email, there was the appropriate department. For example, normal emails were from the relations & products management department. Payments from the billing and finance department etc. Emails that needed my personal reply should be replied semi-formally as Sylvester.

Now everything’s just peachy and well balanced. I get enough rest, enough work (buttons and school) done. I’m Mr. Buttons, the businessman when it’s time for work – replying company emails, taking orders and making buttons. And then, the student, Sylvester, at school. I alternate between normal and business modes as the situations may require…like I have sort of an alter-ego lol.

Even when I’m met physically (in person), I don’t compromise business…if it is about business, of course. Some people who place orders with me physically don’t like the serious attitude, and occasionally interpret it as being rude; to those people, my apologies, but that’s just the proper thing to do! As I was advised by my dad, “‘Business should be separated from personal life/pleasures.” I guess the same can be applied to email addresses 😛
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