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When you do good, good is done back to you.

One afternoon I was walking by the Student Center in School and I saw a friend of mine at table trying to raise extra funds for an event she was an Organizer of. They were taking $1 or $2 donation, but I made a $10 donation; and they were so grateful. I just felt I did my part seeing as a friend was involved. Also had a choice of a brownie or cupcake. I took the brownie ‘cuz the same friend baked them; and they were rather yummy.
Not too long after, the same lady asked if I could make buttons for the occasion they were having if I was given the design, and I did. I made 10 which she asked for as samples. The others loved them!

And so later on, they made a bulkier order. However, they needed them to be 1.5 inches cuz at 1 inch, the design wasn’t too catchy. I talked to Levi, another Partner, he makes larger buttons than I do and it wasn’t a prob. The amount was kind of enormous ‘cuz of the amount they wanted and felt l needed to help them out even though it was business. So that’s what made me introduce the Student Discount. Which brought their bill a lot lower and I got a free ticket too!

The Event, the Ontario Universities & Colleges Hip Hop (O.U.C.H.) Dance Off 2008 was totally off the hook! It was even hosted by one of my favorite TV personalities, Matte Babel of Much Music. He’s awesome lol. I couldn’t stay to the end however, I had another event that same night to sell buttons at!

The coolest part was seeing the members of the different dance crews with their OUCH Buttons on. I felt so honored! lol.

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