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December 1, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sometime in November, I was told about an event that was going to be held later that month for a young boy who has Cerebral Palsy. Some High School Students wanted to have a Show to raise some money for his Parents to pay for his treatment. I was asked to make buttons for the event. “Hope for David” was suggested and I ran with that. I couldn’t do it amidst all my school work and stuff so I talked to Alice, my Partner about it and she designed something simple, but cute.

Later, I saw the event posted on Facebook. It was called ‘iRep Fashion Show’ and I thought, “What a neat idea! And it exactly as one of the slogans on the Pearl Creations’ Website”. I talked to one of the Organizers, told her about the buttons I was already providing and suggested making buttons for them as a way of advertising the event, and they agreed so I got buttons for them. I also asked for permission to sell All-Me & National Buttons at the Occasion since different Nationalities were going to be showcasing different things at the event, and it was agreed.I had decided to make a donation on behalf of myself and Pearl Creations, but then I had another idea. I made some more “irep fashion show” buttons, but in a different background color that people could buy as souvenirs at the event.

I also made a flier stating that you could get an ‘iRep Fashion Show’ Button for free with a purchase a ‘Hope For David’ button. And another, that started, a ‘Hope For David’ button and an ‘iRep Fashion Show’ button would go for $5.00CAD instead of $7.00CAD.

And the response for all offers was lovely. At the end of the Show, I met David and his Parents, who were very grateful for the buttons idea, and invited me to sell more buttons at the Fund-Raising dinner they would be in December. I also gave my generous donation and gave the remainder iRep buttons to the Organizers to give to friends or do with them as they wish. Later that week, I met if one of them after I had calculated the sales of the iRep Fashion Show and Hope for David buttons; and split the total 50/50. I took half and gave half to the family. I felt like such a ‘Do-Gooder’ lol.

The day of the dinner came which clashed with an event I made buttons for a got a free ticket to. Somehow, I worked my way around it and attended both. The dinner turned out to be super classy so I couldn’t sell buttons there. Instead, David’s mother suggested she take the ‘Hope for David’ buttons around the room, sell them at her pace and then she would give me a call when they were sold out to split the total in half as was discussed. I agreed, paid for the rather expensive dinner, ate, stayed some more and then went home.

It felt good not being all about business or the money…as usual lol!

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