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This is a long overdue formal introduction lol. This is my business – Pearl Creations. I make button-badges, and soon, I’ll be moving into magnetic lapel pins as well. It began in my second semester at McMaster University in January, 2008. I started it as the creative arm of the umbrella company I hope to set up one day. Production began on January 28th, 2008 with the All-Me Buttons® and the National Buttons®. Thw All-Me are the customized badges, and the National are flag badges. The soon to come additions are Print-On Mag*Lapels® and Stamp-On Mag*Lapels®, the lapel pins.

The motto which is Creativity Beyond Measure, speaks volumes for itself. The vision is to help people and organizations express themselves in a variety of ways. Its philosophy is to always give people the best of what they deserve and how they deserve it. This way, both get nothing, but satisfaction and fulfillment. I view Pearl Creations is an organization with a noble mission, not just a commercial entity. It has a mission to help restore peace, patriotism, love and a sense of brotherhood all across the globe in a way as simple as a button! Hence, the initial use of an organization web domain (.org) and not a commercial web domain (.com). It supports anything evolving around creativity and innovation; and strives for perfection in all things. It is not rigid. In fact, it is open to anything new and different. It aims to please and thrives to always make everything about you, the customer.

It aims to provide the following services through its creations:

Ø Boosting the desire for customization of goods.
Ø Bringing imaginations to life.
Ø Creation of an avenue for individuals to show support for distressed and warn-torn countries.
Ø Effective Advertising and Marketing of Companies, goods and services.
Ø Promotions and Campaigns.
Ø Promotion of world peace.
Ø Provision of Buttons for special occasions, holidays and international events.
Ø Provision National Buttons to Embassies worldwide for National days.
Ø Restoration of a strong sense of patriotism through the National Buttons.

Since conception, it has received patronage for Canada, United States, Morocco, Nigeria, Benin, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom. By God’s grace, since August, Pearl Creations has been a member of the Vancouver 2010 Business Community and official button-badges supplier for the 2010 Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games.

To contact Pearl Creations, please send an email to mr.buttons@live.ca, write on the wall on any of the facebook groups: Pearl Creations, All-Me Buttons and National Buttons, or visit pearlcreations.org.

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